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Congress Is Trying to Bypass Filibuster-Proof Senate to Pass Insurance Mandate

If House Approves Senate Bill (Verbatim), It Bypasses Filibuster-Proof Senate and Goes Directly to Oval Office

Contact Your Representatives ASAP and Tell Them to "Vote NO on Senate Health-Reform Bill"

(Jan. 25, 2010)—The Cato Institute warns that even though most Americans oppose ObamaCare and a majority of Massachusetts' residents don't want it (43% of MA voters support it, 48% oppose it; some 80% of Brown voters oppose it), Democrats are still pushing for ObamaCare to become the law of the land. And that could happen if the House approves the already-passed Senate bill (the bill would then go directly to the Oval Office, without having to break another filibuster in the Senate). Many think it's a long shot, but Cato's Michael Cannon explains:

"If Speaker Nancy Pelosi bribes enough House members to reach that magic number of 218 votes, she could hold the vote with as little as 24 hours’ notice. And ObamaCare would become law. Done and done."

Thus, it is very important for you and others to contact your Representatives -- as soon as possible -- and tell them to VOTE NO on the Senate Health-Reform Bill because it includes the unconstitutional mandate and it infringes on Americans' health freedom and privacy.

Please help MAKE SURE bribes and vote-buying don't strip you and others of existing health freedom rights -- including the freedom to forgo buying a federally dictated insurance policy written by Washington lobbyists.

Congress’s main number is (202) 225-3121

Or email Congress here: