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Updated October 18, 2010

The Institute for Health Freedom (IHF) -- which is in the process of disbanding -- published the Health Freedom Watch newsletter from January 1998 to October 2010.

However, IHF transferred Health Freedom Watch to Citizens’ Council on Health Care (CCHC) and IHF will disband by the end of this year (2010). We are delighted that CCHC is taking over Health Freedom Watch. It will begin publishing the newsletter with the next issue (November 2010).

Opt-In to Receive Health Freedom Watch from CCHC

OPT-IN to have your email address forwarded to CCHC (see above) which will begin publishing Health Freedom Watch in November 2010. To OPT-IN send an email to with a short message: “Yes, forward my email to CCHC.”

IHF is grateful that CCHC will be carrying on the important work of monitoring and reporting on health-freedom and privacy issues.