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Biometric & Unique Health Identifiers

Did you know that the federal government is required by law to assign each and every citizen a “Unique Health Identifier” (UHI) for tagging and tracking his or her personal health information from cradle to grave?. . . (continue reading)

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Jun. 2009 Three Health-Freedom Bills Introduced in Congress - H.R. 2630 Would Repeal Requirement for Every American to Have a "Unique Health Identifier"
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12/11/2004 Update on Unique Health Identifiers (UHIs): Are you ready for a tracking number that could be used to monitor your personal health information from cradle to grave?
4/27/2004 Are You Ready for a National Health ID Number? Rep. Paul calls for repeal of mandated national health ID.
10/31/2002 Will Unique Health Identifiers Become a Reality in the United States? That depends on whether or not Congress continues its moratorium on federal funding for unique health identifiers.
5/21/2001 Congressman Paul Introduces Legislation to Repeal Federal Medical Privacy Rule - Allowing government officials to access a private person's medical records without a warrant is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. . .
9/26/2000 Gallup Survey Finds Americans' Concern About Medical Privacy Runs Deep - Key findings include: 91 percent oppose a federal requirement to assign everyone a medical identification number.
8/11/2000 Congress Temporarily Halts Funding of Unique Health Identifier: Will President Clinton Sign It into Law? - Once the temporary moratorium on the Unique Health Identifier expires, Americans sooner or later will likely be assigned a tracking number to monitor their medical records electronically.
6/14/2000 Congress Holds Hearing on Repealing Unique Health Identifier and Limiting Use of Social Security Numbers - Imagine the potential for abuse if an unscrupulous government official is able to access one's complete medical, credit, and employment history by simply typing the citizen's 'uniform identifier' into a database.
2/3/2000 What's Happening with the "Unique Health Identifier" Plan? - Isn't it ironic that some members of Congress who today push "patients' rights" actually helped pass the 1996 law that will allow the federal government to tag and track each person's medical records electronically?
Nov./Dec. 1999 Coming Soon. . . Every American Will Be Assigned a "Unique Health Identifier" - Every American will soon be assigned a "unique health identifier" (a patient ID number). How did this all come about? What can be done to stop it?
10/7/1998 Invasion of Medical Privacy - Several bills, approved and signed, contain pieces of an emerging system that will require every American to carry a photo ID that would include personal history stored on a magnetic strip or computer chip.
9/11/1998 Senate Amendment to Stop National Healthcare ID Proposal - "A plan to assign every American a lifetime health-care ID number, similar to a Social Security number, could face new limits under a measure headed for Senate debate. A provision introduced Thursday [September 3] by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, would prohibit the Health and Human Services Department from going forward with the plan until Congress approves its specifics."