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Federal HIPAA Medical Privacy Rule

The federal government and many industry groups have led Americans to believe that the HIPAA privacy rule gives patients the final say over the flow of their personal health information. However, under the HIPAA rule individuals do not have the final say in whether their personally identifiable health information . . . (continue reading)

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7/22/1999 Attention Medical Privay Advocates: Congress Needs Your Input by August 3! - The debate over medical confidentiality is heating up on Capitol Hill. If you're concerned about your medical privacy, then you need to voice your personal opinion soon!
7/15/1999 Medical Privacy Alert: Just Three Weeks to Act! - Can such vague legislation really guarantee that researchers won't be able to trace back patients' personal information -- including genetic and cellular information?
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Institute for Health Freedom To Host Panel Discussion on Medical Privacy Issues - The deadline is approaching. If Congress does not pass a medical privacy law by August 21, 1999, then the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) is required to establish regulations governing your medical privacy.