This website provides readers an historical perspective on the evolution of various healthcare laws and regulations affecting healthcare freedom and privacy.
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Healthcare Reform Issues

It's clear our nation's health-care system needs a major overhaul. But current reform efforts would infringe on Americans' freedom of choice and privacy. That's why if Americans want to maintain control over their personal health-care decisions and health privacy, they must reject a federal requirement for everybody to buy health insurance. Instead, they should consider policies that encourage responsible ownership of insurance as well as a safety net for the poor. . . (continue reading)

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Apr. 2006 How Massachusetts’s Health Plan Affects Privacy and Liberty
Apr. 2006 Online Analysis of the Massachusetts Health Plan
Apr. 2006 The Massachusetts Health-Insurance Bill Mandates New Taxes and Privacy Invasions
4/10/2006 What Every American Should Know about the Massachusetts Mandatory Health-Insurance Legislation
Mar. 2006 Amish Drive Down Medical Costs
Mar. 2006 National Health Spending to Double by 2015
Feb. 2006 Comptroller General Urges Congress to Re-examine Federal Health Spending
Feb. 2006 Congress to Gut State Medical-Privacy Laws?
2/8/2006 Congress Could Vote Soon on a Bill that Abolishes State Health-Privacy Rights: Act Now to Voice Your Own Opinion about H.R. 4157.
Jan. 2006 New Study Finds Medicare’s Administrative Costs Are Underestimated
Jan. 2006 Universal Insurance Mandate Leads to Political Interference in Private Health-Care Decisions
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9/29/2002 Oregon Single-Payer Health Insurance Plan Could Be Model for Nation - Link to article.
10/19/2001 Health Expenditures Consume Ever-Growing Share of Federal Budget - Continued growth in federal spending on health care will most definitely crowd out funding for defense and national security priorities.
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1/4/2001 IHF Hosts Roundtable Discussion of Patients' Rights - The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."
9/1/1999 "Unionversal" Health Care For All? - In the coming months, watch out for the buzzwords "universal" and "right to health care." This rhetoric might sound good. But mandatory universal coverage could strip Americans of their freedom to buy the health services they prefer.
Sept. 1996 Kennedy-Kassebaum and Alternative Health Care: Reason to Worry
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