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Are Americans Being Adequately Informed About Research Risks?

May 10, 2001

With Congress and President Bush planning to double the federal budget for medical research, more patients—including children—are going to be asked to participate in medical research studies. The Institute for Health Freedom wants Americans to become thoroughly informed about possible research risks and conflicts of interest that may arise in medical studies. The following articles (including links to "both sides") explore this important issue and may help you formulate questions to ask when deciding whether or not to participate in an experimental study and choosing your medical care.
Uninformed Consent - What patients at 'The Hutch' weren't told about the experiments in which they died. Link to a five-part Seattle Times investigative series.
Continuing Coverage of 'The Hutch'
  • The Hutch selects review panel
  • Surgeon general: Investigate The Hutch
  • Class-action suit filed against 'The Hutch'
  • Questions and answers about 'The Hutch'
  • Hutch panel to review policies
  • Call made for refom in medical research
  • And more...
The Hutch's Response - The full, unedited response from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to the stories published in the Seattle Times on March 11, 2001.