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Informed Consent & Patients' Rights Issues

There are efforts across the nation to medically screen citizens for a variety of conditions. From the push for state newborn genetic screening programs to test each newborn for heritable disorders, to the call for mandatory mental health screening for all ages, the trend in screening is on the rise . . . (continue reading)

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Apr. 2008 CCHC Urges President Bush to Veto Newborn Genetic Screening Bill (S. 1858); Says Bill Lacks Privacy, Property Rights and Informed Consent Safeguards
Aug. 2008 Woman Is Sterilized Without Her Consent
Nov. 2007 Self-Governing People Shouldn’t Have to Await Tribunal Approval before Making Private Health-Care Decisions
Oct. 2007 Medical Freedom Initiative Launched in Arizona; Supported by 71 Percent of Voters
May 2007 Government Begins to Enforce Conventional Medicine Mandates on Americans
Oct. 2006 How to Ensure Americans Are Informed of Their Right to Reject Routine HIV Screening
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Jun. 2005 Maintaining Americans' National Sovereignty and Access to Dietary Supplements
May 2005 71 Percent of Older Adults Use Alternative Medicine
Apr. 2005 Indian Tribe Sues Researchers for Unconsented Genetic Studies
Feb. 2005 HHS Response Ignores Question about "Legal Authority", Raises New Questions about Restrictions on Seniors' Freedom "Inside" the Medicare Program
11/5/2004 FDA is Planning to Track Dietary Supplements Using Data-Mining Technology
10/5/2004 More Than One-Third of U.S. Adults Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Most people who use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) do so without consulting a licensed practitioner.
9/13/2004 President Bush Proposes Screening the U.S. Population for Mental Illness
6/21/2004 President Bush Proposes to Screen Population for Mental Illness: The sweeping initiative will link diagnoses to treatment with specific drugs (link to article).
6/16/2003 Supreme Court Upholds Right to Refuse Mind-Altering Drugs
5/22/2003 Is Forced Medication Constitutional?
9/8/2001 Federal Research "Protections" Committee Recommends Waiving Parental Consent Before Enrolling Teenagers in Drug Trials - What happens when a child is harmed in an experimental drug study and the parents were never informed of their child's participation?
6/22/2001 Patients' Rights vs. Politicians' Wrongs - No legislation should be deemed a "patients' bill of rights" unless it guarantees the freedom to contract, the freedom to choose natural treatments without FDA interference, and the freedom to maintain confidential doctor-patient relationships.
5/10/2001 Are Americans Being Adequately Informed about Experimental Research Risks? - Become thoroughly informed about possible research risks and conflicts of interest that may arise in medical studies.
1/4/2001 IHF Hosts Roundtable Discussion of Patients' Rights - The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."
5/2/2000 White House Announces Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy - We don't limit Americans' religious freedom to government - approved denominations. We shouldn't limit their health freedom to government - approved medicine either.
4/4/2000 Who Decides: The Parents or the FDA?
2/3/2000 Congress Holds Hearing on Medical Errors - More people die in a given year as a result of medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents.
1/4/2000 Experimental Vaccines Can Be Administered to Military Without Consent - Not informing military personnel of their involvement in experimental medical studies is an infringement of their human rights.