This website provides readers an historical perspective on the evolution of various healthcare laws and regulations affecting healthcare freedom and privacy.
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During times of crises, those in authority want to act quickly and decisively to respond to public needs. At the same time, during perilous times government can do things that threaten civil rights. . . (continue reading)

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Feb. 2005 NVIC Finds “Anti-Terror” Bill Overrides States’ Rights and Mandates a National Electronic Tracking System
9/8/2003 Health Care Workers Could Face Military Draft
5/9/2003 Homeland Security Act Cannot Be Used to Force Treatments Says Conference Report
11/14/2002 How Congress Can Help Defend the Homeland and Secure Our Civil Liberties - What can the Senate and President Bush do to ensure our federal and state governments have the tools necessary to defend our homeland and protect us against bioterrorism, without stripping citizens of their civil liberties—specifically their health freedoms?
6/10/2002 The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act: An Assault on Civil Liberties in the Name of Homeland Security - Link to Heritage Foundation lecture. "You can't defend freedom by eliminating it."
3/1/2002 Revised Model State Emergency Health Powers Act - Individuals who refuse medical treatment (including vaccination) could be quarantined or isolated.
3/1/2002 State Legislators' Council Holds Forum on Model State Emergency Health Powers Act - Jonathan Turley ... warned ... that at perilous times government can do things that are harmful.
12/3/2001 CDC and Public Health Academicians Propose Mandatory Vaccination and Treatment for "Infectious Diseases" - "The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" would grant governors and public-health authorities new, broad police powers.