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What's New: 2003

December 11, 2003
The 2003 Medicare 'Pill Bill'

November 26, 2003
Walk of Shame: Republicans Bungle Medicare and Have Their Way With the Law

Medicare Bill Includes Major Tax Increases

November 20, 2003
Beware of Medicare Reformers' Empty Promises

November 19, 2003
Medicare Reform Will Strip Away Health Freedom and Medical Privacy

November 13, 2003
Critical Time to Speak Up About Medicare Reform

October 29, 2003
Medicare Trick or Treat: Why Make 654,000 Seniors Pay More for the Same Medicare Benefits?

October 16, 2003
Medicare Drug Plan Raises Cost, Privacy Concerns: Link to CNS news article.

October 3, 2003
Too Many Health-Care Rules and Regulations? It's Time to Shrink the Pie

September 8, 2003
Health Care Workers Could Face Military Draft

August 14, 2003
How Medicare Rx Drug Coverage Affects Patient Choice: A Firsthand Account

Five-Page "Notice of Privacy Practices" Reveals Important Information

July 10, 2003
Medicare Drug Plan Promotes Dependence on Government: The House version of the Medicare bill passed by only one vote.

June 26, 2003
692-Page Medicare Bill Just Developed and Congress Has Just Hours Before Voting: Will Your Congressman's Vote Be Truly Informed?

June 25, 2003
Losing Our Independence? Medicare Rx Reform and Health Care Choices

June 22, 2003
Medicare Rx Reform: The Road to Medical Serfdom

June 16, 2003
Supreme Court Upholds Right to Refuse Mind-Altering Drugs

June 12, 2003
Proposed Medicare Reform Could Strip All Citizens of Their Health Freedom and Medical Privacy: It's a critical time to voice your own opinion!

May 22, 2003
Is Forced Medication Constitutional?

May 9, 2003
Homeland Security Act Cannot Be Used to Force Treatments Says Conference Report

April 14, 2003
Federal Medical Privacy Rule and Tying Games: What does getting a copy of one's own medical records have to do with medical privacy?

April 8, 2003
April 14 Federal Medical Privacy Rule is About Sharing Data

March 6, 2003
Americans Need to Become Fully Informed about the Federal Medical Privacy Rule: The Institute for Health Freedom sponsored a panel discussion at the National Press Club on March 6 to inform the media, policymakers and public at large about the forthcoming Federal Medical Privacy Rule.

The Final Federal Medical Privacy Rule: The Definitive Guide.

February 26, 2003
Who Decides? How much medical privacy will Americans have when the Federal Medical Privacy Rule takes effect on April 14, 2003? The Institute for Health Freedom is sponsoring a panel discussion at the National Press Club on March 6 to inform the media, policymakers and public at large about the forthcoming Federal Medical Privacy Rule. The Rule, which takes effect on April 14, 2003, is going to drastically change citizens' ability to control the flow of their personal health information.

Federal Workgroup Meets to Discuss National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII): The federal Workgroup on the National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) is working to develop a national health-information system and electronic personal medical records for U.S. citizens.

Background of the NHII and Workgroup: What is a "National Health Information Infrastructure" (NHII)?

State of the Union: How free are Americans when it comes to choosing their health care?

February 10, 2003
Single-Payer Health Plan Rejected 4 to 1 - Last fall, citizens across the country were closely watching the Oregon ballot initiative that called for a single-payer health plan in that state.

January 2, 2003
What every American needs to know about medical privacy. If you care about medical privacy, you'll want to read this brochure carefully. You're going to hear about these issues eventually, but the Institute for Health Freedom wants you to have this information now so that you (and your family) can take steps to control who has access to your health and genetic information.

Are you fully informed about the new federal medical privacy rule? This brochure answers the following critical questions:

  • How did the new federal medical privacy rule come about?
  • How will the federal medical privacy rule affect you and your family?
  • Will you be able to find out if your personal health information is flowing over the Internet and released to others without your permission?